About Us


Color Tech is a company specialising in the production of compounds and masterbatches.  For almost twenty years it has been run by Marco Montagner and his sons Mauro and Andrea who meet its customers’ needs with flexible, customised service.

The company was founded in 1997 and entered the plastics market, where it has developed great experience in the fields of compounds and engineering plastic colouring, specialising in the production of ABS, SAN, ASA, PS, PC, PP, PMMA compounds and PC/ABS alloys.

Over the years Color Tech has met its customers’ needs by working together with them to create a wide range of products designed to respond to the demands of various markets and continues to place its know-how at the disposal of customers to study new bespoke products that satisfy the technical and colorimetric specifications required.

In a drive to further improve our customer service, in 2005 the company created a new division entirely dedicated to the production of masterbatches for colouring plastics.

In 2012, maintaining faith in its abilities and continuing growth with investments targeting increased, ever better quality and productivity, Color Tech purchased and moved to its current new factory, in which new equipment and laboratories have been installed.

In 2016 the company’s efforts to grow and develop were extended to include environmental friendliness in the quality of its products and Color Tech achieved ISO 9001 certification for its quality system and ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system.

The experience, flexibility and cordiality of our company’s operating team allow us to provide and guarantee maximum quality, service and availability to its customers.


The series of products we provide includes a wide range of compounds and masterbatches ideal for various applications and industries, such as household appliances, the automotive industry, the electrical and electronic trades, furniture, toys and household utensils, food and packaging.

All our products are developed to fulfil our customers’ requirements: colours from samples, RAL, PANTONE, NCS, special, glitter, pearly and metallised effects and many more for diverse applications such as moulding, extrusion and blowing, of which different types are available according to requirements.

All our formulations comply strictly with the RoHS directive and REACH Regulations, as well as all national and international standards regarding food and toys.


Color Tech works with its customers as a reliable partner that constantly experiments to upgrade its range of products and services, fully observing current quality, safety and environmental standards.

We consider it very important to create good working relationships with our customers through reciprocal trust and transparency, and are happy to place our knowledge, competence, and professionalism at their disposal. 


Color Tech’s well-equipped, avant garde laboratory can perform all the physical, rheological, thermal, mechanical and colorimetric tests required to develop, check and certify its products and incoming raw materials. With its three laboratory testing units and diverse auxiliary equipment, Color Tech can process and provide pilot production batches on which to carry out assessment and approval tests on its products.


Color Tech uses several cutting edge, highly flexible production units comprising twin-screw and single screw extruders, batching systems and several types of mixers to ensure that raw materials are perfectly mixed to make a constantly homogeneous finished product, providing high quality standards even for small quantities.

Work Opportunities

Every day Color Tech faces new challenges with passion and dedication and to do so successfully it considers exchange of ideas, constraint, a desire to discover and learn new things and team work essential.