Tecral ®

Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate (ASA) compounds.

The Tecral® range comprises several types with different characteristics for general purpose, high fluidity, high impact, heat resistance.

All products are available natural and coloured to sample RAL, NCS, PANTONE, special effects, metallised, glitter, pearly, and with different additives, such antistatic, anti-UV, antibacterial and more.

The excellent aesthetics, anti-UV ray properties and good chemical resistance of Tecral® make it suitable for numerous applications in different fields, including electrical and electronic, automotive, household appliances, household goods, toys and many technical applications, especially for external use.


General Purpose



Product Sheet


Tecral 1020

ASA good characteristics for general purposes.

Tecral 1520

ASA good impact resistance.

High Impact



Product Sheet


Tecral 1810

ASA high impact, good flow.

Tecral 3005

ASA very high impact, low flow.

General Information


When processing Tecral® the following transformation conditions are recommended:

Cylinder temperature 190°C to 230°C;

Mould temperature 40°C to 60°C;

Dehumidification 2-3 hours at 80°C.


Any waste from processing can be re-used after grinding; the user must check suitability according to the application for which it must be used.

Packaging and storage

Il Tecral® comes in several types of packing: 20-25kg paper or plastic bags, 1000kg octabins or big bags. We advise storing the product indoors, away from humidity and sources of heat.